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We are strategic partners of companies that are willing to build the professional future of their talent.

Our experience with human capital development adds value to the solutions we apply through technology.

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Our adaptable solutions

We simplify HR infrastructure, with a people-first aproach. Above all, we give you the tools to encourage employee development and achieve a culture of growth.

All companies are welcomed to start where they can in our path to growth. Each of our solutions represent a strategic plan towards what the company dreams of becoming.

Try our strategic and operational analysis of your current HR.

Employers & Employees trust the madeBOS way

As a founder and CEO, I have to find a way to allocate time for my products and then hire talented people. Since using madeBOS' Professional service option and working with them to identify what we want our compensation philosophy to look like, meetings with my team have been great and everyone is more aligned.

Damola Ogundipe

Civic Eagle - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Growth that works for everyone

At madeBOS we believe that inclusive growth requires the full and equal participation of all employees, managers and organizational leaders.

Our comprehensive approach uses technology as a tool to support organizational activity and measure growth. If you want to know more, we are here for you!